Thursday, August 24, 2006

A special surprise today!

I got a special surprise today in the mail from a Birch Bay Cowboy - a taillight lens, a back-up light and 2-fender mirrors for the 59. I am delighted and inspired by the warm welcome I have received into the Ranchero family. A warmth that seems to be prevalent with all the enthusiasts I have interacted with a cross the country.

Maybe the world would be a better place if more people drove 'classics'.

I use to have a
69 Overlander - Airstream ( I cried the night I sold her and wished today I kept her)... but I felt that same sense of community. And as one of the youngest owners that I bumpt into at twenty something of age it was a great feeling that age didn't matter either.

For me personally and maybe for others I appreciate the sense of history it offers... a connection to a time past and lives past that seems more tangible than 'this' world that seems to be as disposable as a Big MAC box and tastes just as bad going down. With very few real opportunities for human connections today its ironic that some aged steal could create such a spark between people.

A special someone in my life also introduced me to the world of VW Vans and the 'hand wave' that almost all of them offer in may transcend into other breeds of cars too but its just another sign of humanity behind the wheel...

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