Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Look 'Nameless' Gets a New Pair of Shoes

The Rims / Tires took a lot of thought on my part. Wanted to go back to the original 'rat-rod red rims' that were on the car when I bought it. But literally after a dream I decided to go black with red pin stripping accents.

But it took much longer to decide to go 'Coker' thick white walls or regular 'white walls' (also considered the red walls).

After much discussion with various car people, I decided against the consensus who preferred 'Coker'. Considering the price of the 'Coker Tires' against one's I can buy off the shelf, get insured, replace the same day I decided to stick with regular 'white walls'. Plus, I think the tires become too much of a focal point with the 'Coker's' and I am still looking to define the 'point' elsewhere on the car.

So 'Nameless' got a new pair of shoes for Christmas with hand-painted, pin stripping by Mike Taylor, Gemini Motorworks

That's my kitten 'EPIC' that I rescued, peeking thru the rim...

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