Sunday, June 03, 2007

Friends of Nameless Nationwide

So now I know people actually read my Blog with some regularity...
This email made my day:

"About a year ago, I picked up a '59 Ranchero that was in dire need of TLC. In the process of acquiring data and ideas for the overhaul, I came across your blog about your '59 Nameless (which, when you think about is actually a name, but I digress). I've followed, on your blog,
your progress in finding parts and doing some restoration since then. Meanwhile, my own project has fallen further and further behind, as I came to the realization that , basically, the car's a wreck. It appears to have been partially restored by the owner of Bondo, INC., who, I have reason to believe, was demented as well.

As you are no doubt aware, the world's a small place. It turns out my son and his wife live...right next door to you...

The whole purpose of this note is to say we, my wife and I, are making a trip out there from New Hampshire, next week and thought might be kind of cool to meet you and your car. ( Well, I don't suppose the car would much care, but it would be kind of interesting for us humans.)"

His Ranchero in New Hampshire.

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