Sunday, March 23, 2008

Magic 59

Magic happened for me today on the streets of Oakland out in front of my house on Easter Sunday. I had just parked the car after a trip for ice-cream and cruise through the local cemetery...a gentleman was walking down the street towards me and hollored how "much of that is stock?". I hadn't heard that question before, usually it starts with what year is that?...but he already knew what Nameless was and he showed me his 'baby' picture of his Red 1959 Chevy El Camino.

He said his family had pulled up to the park down the street when he 1st spotted my car parked on the street and by the time he walked over I had just driven away...It was a happenstance that I came back the opposite way along the park and his family spotted me so he headed back over to see the car.

He was tickled about Nameless and that I gave him the complete tour...he had his camera and was taking photos...he was impressed with how clean the engine was and asked me some technical questions I didn't know about some of the wiring.

His name was Dave and he was from Burbank visiting the grandkids which he also showed me pictures of. He also showed me a picture of his "Pride and Joy"; which was a joke card with pictures of the cleaning products...made me laugh.

Dave had been told by his doctor that he had terminal cancer and he should live his life - that's when he got his 59.

He also told me that he was a magician for years. He performed a three piece rope trick where I cut it with his knife and some how puts it back together leaving a knotted piece that he gave to me. I said 'this will always stay with Nameless'...he said 'that means a lot'....The license plates on his car is "Magic 59".

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