Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tribute to East LA Max RIP July 2008

On the way back from Ink and Iron stopped over in East LA for a BBQ. I noticed the neighbor had tons of cars and after a lack-luster car show in Long Beach I wanted to go check them out. Found out the guys name was Max. Went knocking on the door and this kids come out on the deck looking at us and we asked for him. He comes out and I told him if he had the time I would love to meet his cars. A girl was starring at us, he said ' that's my daughter but she acts like my wife'. He was an old-school leather face Mexican and I describe him that way with MUCH RESPECT. You could just tell he was a man who has seen the times.

He went to each and every car and gave me the story that went with them. He was such a traditionalist he took everything back original. Including disk brakes back to drum brakes. I told him about our break down on the way to Long Beach and he said if you ever need help in LA that we knew where to come. I was so tickled about meeting him knowing I left with a piece of history.

He very recently died in a car accident in Texas, he was crushed by the steering wheel, no seatbelt. I found out about this on my birthday. It really struck me. What I have taken away from this is how very important it is to talk to people about what they love, strangers or not, so that a piece of them and what they love will always have a place to be.

Especially, the older cats because cars are a way of life that is deeply rooted in our history and we really are the keepers of the stories of this way of life. It isn't coming back again and especially in the form of traditionalist. One may ponder if a seat belt would have made the difference but somethings going to get us one day and knowing that he was doing exactly what he wanted the way he wanted is as good as its going to get in the end. In this time of grief I hope the best for the family and that they can carry on his traditions.

Pictures of Max's Loves.

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