Monday, October 16, 2006

Northern Cali Rancheros 1st crusie in, Alameda Ca 10/14/06

I ended up hosting the 1st No Cal Ranchero meet-up at the Alameda Naval base. It wasn't my intital idea but I ran with it. We were suppose to meet at the Alameda Swap meet but apparently they cancelled the event and only the vendors knew. I decided to stick it out and host the event in my work parking lot anyways. We had about 6 Rancheros that came and went. There was about five us who stuck around and enjoyed the BBQ. And people who drove from as far as Davis / Santa Rosa to be there. It was funny that we had a lot of people drive in to the lot thinking we were the swap meet.

Rods and Wheels has hosted some shots for us and we do all believe this is the beginning of a good thing.

Rods N Wheels

My Event Photos

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