Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rust and Power Tools

Yesterday, I scraped off rust from the inside of my roof with a wire brush and wiped it down with paint thinner for any extra oils and dirt. And, yes my arms hurt a bit the next day.
Today I pulled out my dads old overalls, bandanna, ball cap worn backwards, face mask and safety goggles (had a doctors face shield/mask but went with goggles but they fogged up a bit) and set-out to use the "Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black Aerosol 16 oz. Item No. 16060 Z" on the inside of my roof. I considered using "POR-15" but considering the application being upside down I went for the Aerosol.
Before the application I lined the inside of my car with a plastic drop sheet, I should have went to the store to get painters tape but I used what I had on hand a box of binder clips which actually worked out perfectly (pictures will be posted later).
The spray went on really well! By the time I left it looked like it would dry evenly and only need one coat. I managed to get one smudge of paint on my face, unfortunately some up my noise the mask that I had did not keep the particles out, even being outside the fumes were definitely getting me high. So as more painting is needed I will get a better mask.
This took me very little time so I went back to the door hardware project. Empowered with a door handle removal tool certain things became much easier. I was only out done today because of my power tool! I got a Ryobi 7v which is not going to be beefy enough to get me thru a day since I don't currently have power right near the vehicle. I got about 3-screws on the door panels that are beyond screwing out naturally. I was able to use a drill bit (after breaking one) to get the first one out. If I wasn't so intent on moving this part of the project along I should probably go out and buy a hole saw but than I got to think about sizes etc. It appears I made it past the threads with no problem and if the other one's don't work out well these parts can be welded down because they don't need to come off again in my life time.

PS. I learned that 'Deep Woods Off' gets POR-15 off skin. I am sure I will end up using POR-15 on other parts and I will try that if my paint gear doesn't protect me.

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