Monday, March 26, 2007

Front End Complete

I did all the wiring for the headlights, and front turn signals.

Got the bumper on. That was a two person and a floor jack job. The bumper is very heavy and trying to get all the pieces and bolts to line up is a task on its own. The bezels needed to be buffed up to go with the 'new' front bumper. I used the wheel and some fine cleaner. The bumper is 'new' thanks to a connection CHP has, that took 3 bumper cores and traded for an immaculate one.

I switched out the tires that were on loan with the brand new wheels that were hand painted by Mike Taylor from Gemini Motors (BTW: he does complete restoration work as well in the East Bay, Alameda

The Scuff plates I had were pretty beat up so I got to use a dolly and a hammer to get it back into shape. Finished the painting of the rear view mirror (inner part is black to go with interior/outer engine red for some bling), scuff plates and windshield wiper motor.

This all took about 6 hrs. Its amazing how time consuming this stuff can be especially when they just don't go back on like they come off...or the replacement screws and clips just aren't right...or if parts are flying thru the air.

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