Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hands On

Now that most of the big mechanical stuff is done care of 'Classic Hot-Rod Performance' , gettin' down to some of the items I can get my hands on...installed sound insulation, carpet kit, went thru almost 3 cans of spray on adhesive and was 'high as a kite' from the fumes...still peeling off glue from my hands...but my favorite quote of the day had to be from the guy at OSH when I was buying more adhesive. 'Did you spray it on your hand, smells like glue'...umm duh well it was all over my hands but it wasn't like I was testing it out in the store or something...Did some bolting/screwing interior pieces, glove box trim etc., windshield wiper parts, prep / cleaned parts for painting and even did some random painting - chose to make the back of the rear-view mirror the Ford red to go with the engine red.

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