Monday, July 10, 2006

Craftsman Tool set - Right of Passage

Ok, so I got a decent size 'Craftsman' tool set and went to get something out of it today to find that everything was bundled up in plastic bags.

Thought I would just put it together before going to bed tonight and found there was very little reason why some stuff was in one bag and other pieces in the, trying to read the slot names...

ha!ha! is this some odd sort of 'right of passage' -

thee who completes the kit will service their way to freeing himself from the plastic box in the near future by going out and buying a tool box with trays.

And you know one false move picking up the plastic case and everything will fall out! I haven't finished putting it together and the inventory looks a little off (not sure if that happens) but I would almost pay some kid to do this for me.

But on a positive note I was happy to find yesterday that I had most of the other tools I needed already buried away in my closet. Except for the Volt Meter which I also had to buy with the 'Craftsman' set.
I have been an odd tool whore over the years, not knowing why I kept them but now I am glad I did.

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