Monday, July 10, 2006

DAY 1 - Nameless is Decoded

I spent from 4:30pm-8:00pm with 'Nameless' she told me a lot and I have so much info from investing the time that I need to sort through and type it up for reference. MUCH GOOD NEWS! She is a beauty under her skin.

To start here is the data plate info:
Decoder Ring

C: engine code - 292CID, 2bbl. carburetor, Y block
9: model year - 1959
R: Assembly plant - San Jose (that's cool she is a local girl!!)
F: Body style code - Ranchero
186754: consecutive unit number

Body: 66C - 1959 Ranchero
Body Color: see attached picture
C - Wedgewood Blue
E - Colonial White
Z - Platinum
Trim: 39 - "Radiant Blue sof-textured vinyl bolster and blue Shantung
pattern vinyl"
Date: 01 G - July 1st
Trans: 4 - Cruise-o-matic, non over-drive
Axle: 3 - 3.70:1 ratio

Wow! that sounds cool what is

The original Cruise-O-Matics used a torque converter and planetary gearsets, giving three forward speeds plus reverse. In some applications, Ford offered a dual-range option allowing the driver to start in either first gear or second gear.

Ford dropped the "Cruise-O-Matic" tradename during the 1970s; in the 1950s and early 1960s promoting the automatic transmission as a feature was a standard practice among automakers as they were relatively new. By the late 1970s most cars had automatics as standard equipment and there was no reason to especially call attention to them. The transmissions were marketed as the Merc-O-Matic when installed in Mercury vehicles.

The story of Day 1 is to be continued after I shower and eat BUT

I am happy with my first day under the hood (which I was able to get to close) it was more productive than most of my work day. Our company server went down - the burning smell led them to the problem and than the internet went down which no one could figure out. I was VERY happy to spend time with 'Nameless' after all of that, picking and looking around it was wonderful how it all made sense.

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