Saturday, July 08, 2006

Whats so HOT about Radiators?

Well I am finding that my first needed part isn't just sitting at the local 'AutoZone' though they do have all the hoses etc.

I have done some online research and found that 'Dear Born Classics' has a 3-row for $310.95

I contacted a Radiator Fabrication shop in Sacramento 'JB Radiator' and for the amount of money 'Dear Born' wants I should definitly hold out to see what they can offer me, perhaps even a customized 4-row...

I also had tried some local Radiator shops but they could only do something if I had the radiator and it needed to be repaired but that is not the situation - it doesn't have one, it was parted out before I got the car.

The next option is to spin the wheel of luck and visit local pick and pulls for either a 59' Ranchero or a 59' Fairlane but thats certainly going to require more time with no guarantee. But I do plan to go scouting around when I got a chance and get to know the people who run the places and hopefully get them to give me a call if a beauty falls into their junkyards.

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