Monday, July 10, 2006

The Goods on 'Nameless'

It was great spending some quiet time with 'Nameless' today.
I have 2-pages of notes which I will translate in detail later...but to get started...I wrote down anything that had a name or number.

It sat in a storage for at least a year and is over 50 years old so I Lubed up the moving parts. Added some oil for the 'test' to see if the engine would turn over and was not seized. ...I was able to fiddle with the hood a bit and lube it up and got it close and open with the pulley inside the car. The fan for the radiator was not turning so I lubed it up and that loosened it up and than I discovered a bad washer that should be replaced but it now turns freely. I pulled the pieces that were left on the rear tail light and straightened out the plate that was all bent. The damage from the accident will make this one a difficult task and I may rig up a temporary solution just to keep the cops happy till it can be done right.

Radio (TBD if works)
Heater / Gauges
Hoses and Fan for radiator
Aif Filter: PZA170056S21083 (Canada)
Radiator Mounts to frame " between mounts 26" x 11"
Echlin VR 428 Voltage Regulator
Cornell 855 Ties P215175R14 - All 4 tires have great tread!
SJ85808 - part TBD right drivers side corner
EBV85942 - radiator hose attached to part
5780796 - number on engine behind fan and their was a symbol inside a circle.
It was hard to read the numbers so I grabbed some paper and a pencil and ran over it - it made it a little easier to translate.
By the time I had this all noted. One of 'Nameless' new friends stopped by. He was very excited about the car and generally a Chevy man but 'Nameless' charmed him and he really appreciated her rear end. A few other items he added to the 'has' list: Painless Wiring Harness, Fuel Pump - electric is set-up for already / Vacuum lines tapped up, 7 springs on rear, 3-speed, Ford 9"

He also noted that what I thought was just PAINT OVER THE TRIM
was Fiberglass Bondo OVER THE TRIM which I really can't believe they did over the trim - they should have taken it off!

And he noticed the threads on the steering wheel piece were messed up a bit...When the car got towed over behind a pick-up I was given a vice grip to steer with and it may have messed things up because it roughed up the threads for the steering wheel - hopefully not to bad.

He did the 'test' to see if the engine would turn over and it DID! Yeh, that is a good thing and with the proper tools the 'test' wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be - 'turning over' seemed like a big to do. More on the how to later...

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